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WW1 German 7.92


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Hi I have just found another round and have no idea of the head stamp on this one dose anybody know.


  • 7.92 1915.JPG
    7.92 1915.JPG
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Hi Andy,
I have one of these dated 12 1915,what jacket does the bullet have on yours? mine has a copper coloured jacket,which is 100% correct for this round as it was a live relic until I de acted it
Hi Tony, The one in the photo has a Nickle bullet and it was a dug up so i know it is right and the one in my other post is also nickel, i thought they were all nickle through out the war but saying that i have just found one in my collection that has a copper bullet dated 1915 so they must have used what ever was available also i have some dug rounds and when they have been cleaned they do appear coppery but are nickel and have a steal cased one as well dated 1918 with a copper bullet.