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WW1 German blank grenade stick

This I got recently. It is an original WW1 German stick blank. The ends are unfinished, and is not dated (which makes sense because they were dated when assembled. This is out of a box of them found in France. Dano


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Realy cool

Realy cool Dano where you get this stick from i search this kind of stick too ??
And what is the price for that ??

Regards David
blank stick

Well Dave I originally got it from Great War Militaria, Then about a year ago I sold it off with much of my collection, then it turned up at Alamo Militaria (same exact stick, I would know it anywhere), and I got it in part of trade deal for a pistol I had. GWM had a picture of a box full of them and sold them one at a time, they have no more..Dano