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ww1 german gas shell



thought i'd post this for discussion.

I believe it is a gas shell with fuze designed to burst projectile just above ground.
The shell body itself is quite thin.
There appears to be some original paint on fuse,and driving band is in tact.

This was one of two shells given to be some years ago in Belgium by relatives.(see other post)
Most of my stuff has been given to me and I will post more pics soon.

On enquiry with the folk that gave me this shell,they said it did have a glass bottle inside that got broken.
This bottle would have broken when the shell hit the ground discharging the chemical content.


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gas shell

Hi 18 pounder, it looks like a gas shell to me is this pic any good.


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gas shell

yes mate,seen this pic before but its very helpfull!

blimey this site is soo friendly!
write up

no mate i didnt,jus joined.
where can i read it?
again thanks for your help
is this the same as yours, are there any stampings on the fuze or projectile body,size of projectile etc


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yes,there is 007 stamped on fuse (see pics) and various stamps bottom of case
the dimensions are the same as posted diagram.
thanks again.
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Just to say here that EKZ 17 and EKZ 16, can be use on L.F.K.Gr. HE or Gas shells
gas shell

further to this thread,would like some advice.

I dont believe the black paint on this shell is original,and i keep looking at it as i pass in the hallway, and it looks rather sad!
Should I repaint or not?
i might find some stamps...what would you do?
or should i shut up and enjoy it as it is??
I dont know how to move these pics to the presevation section,so sorry if its in the wrong place.
18 pounder:tinysmile_hmm_t2: