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ww1 German gas shell



Valuation ideas of this rare shell please x

Hello all,well Ive managed to get round to finishing this lump.

It was given to me as a relic,but was told the glass chemical bottle inside had broken (thats how i knew it was a gas shell).

First of all I gave it a good fine sanding back,then applied a thin skim of 'chemical metal' filler,to fill most of the rust pits.
The fuse was given the same treatment.
I sanded the whole surface back again to metal,so the filler filled the pits and nothing else.

Then I used the following Humbrol model colour enamels in matt finish:

117 green
104 blue
24 yellow.

I havent gone for a perfect finish,and I might even sand it back slightly to simulate worn paint,not sure yet.
Hope it looks ok.


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:tinysmile_fatgrin_tNice restoration 18.

I especially like the shot with the brush in action! .
Like how you gone for that worn paint look.


Relic to Collectable.

18 Pounder, to go from real "relic" to very "collectable" is no mean feat and you have done a superb job on that shell !
Well done on a very good restoration:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
18pounder great job but why did you use brush to paint it,why didn't you use an airbrush?
Also why did you use humbrol oil paints for models,they can easily be worn off during touching the shell with your hands,especially matt humbrol colours.I always use two-component epoxy colours(polyuretan colours).
ww1 shell paint

paint is a very personal thing,but I believe ww1 shells shouldnt be painted too perfectly as the real finish would also have been a little rough.
As in prievious threads,identifying 'bands' were painted by brush on a turntable type device to spin the shell.
(I like the hand painted red crosses on Mills Bombs.)
so the paint finish is base on the skill of the painter,the thickness and quality of the paint.
Bear in mind that during war time,there might have been a rush on to finish shells.
This might have been why 35% of shells fired failed to detonate and still get dug up today,just as lethal.
I use model enamel,because the shades available are very good and pretty much accurate because there designed for military models,and modellers demand accuracy.

They also dry very well and(especially when you harden them in a domestic oven like I do) ive never had a problem of the paint flaking or wearing off ,if it did then it would only add to the realism of a old shell as far as I'm concerned.
Sometimes I even sand a paint surface to age the object.
I use matte somtimes,as 90 years often wears off the gloss.
p.s. thanks for all your kind words gentlemen.
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Ok,thanks for explanation,I didn't know that they were originally painted with a brush,so it's my mistake.Your shell looks very realistic.:tinysmile_shy_t:
no probs mate,like ive said before i dont thinks there a right or wrong,whats good for one,might not be good for another.
Thanks for kind comments
18 pounder
German 7,7 cm Gas shell

Hello i found this German 7,7 cm Gas shell in the internet !!!

Face the paint sheme of this ,,Grnkreuz,, Granade !!!

Regards David


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7,7 LFK Gr "Grnkreuz shell" have no painted green cross on the body but only one is on the base shell
gas shell

mmm looks interesting paint job! maybe someone will rectify it!

nice shell though mate
Gas shell drawing

Just thought i'd throw this drawing in the mix, Hope it helps. Dano


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anyone else got any inert chemical shells to show??
Would like to see ww1 british,French.....
75mm Mustard Gas shell

Hi 18 pounder,
Here is a French 75mm Mustard Gas shell.


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livens projector shell

Hi 18pounder, the first thumbnail is phosgene gas tank for Livens Projector, second is a screw-up. Dano


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