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WW1 German Heavy Minenwerfer

Hi all, I came across this old photo of a German Minenwerfer. This was their medium minenwerfer of WW1 so I thought I would post a pic. Dano
Please excuse the resolution of this picture as I don't have a scanner and had to take a picture of the picture with my camera which is a "POS" Dano


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You have the middle size

This is the big one - then there is this monster living on my side porch ~


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I'm not sure !

But they used these to fire gas cylinders and a form of HE projectile , if I recall it was a concrete HE bomb-- Not far off those sticks and stones in the next one - or handy in the next Castle siege ! about the most immobile device there could be---
I am not sure !!

Hi Dano i think on your photo this should not be the 250 mm heavy mortar because the man lift the round itself without helping i can not believe that this is a more than 80 kg round !!
It loooks more than the 17 cm heavy mortar !!
Pls check this !!

Regards David

Hi Dave, I double checked the caption and it says 25cm for that one. It may be mis-labeled or maybe that guy with the shell eats spinach? Dano
I think I "missed the boat" on this one OOPS!!!!! I will call it the German WW1 "kind of heavy" trench mortar!!
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Hi Dano

Hi Dano no probs may you are right i was only thinking because i have on of the 21 cm Mortar shell at home and to lift this alone is not possible and i start thinking how he can lift the 25 cm round alone !!
Realy may he eat spinach :tinysmile_fatgrin_t i dont know

Regards David
The photo shows a 17 cm minenwerfer. In this case the traversing wheel (on the base at rear) is the identifier - the wheel on the 25 cm is horizontal, the 17 cm wheel is vertical. This is the 17 cm "neuer art" model of 1916, with longer barrel. Also, the strengthening rib riveted to the side runs from the trunnion at top to the region of the axle at the bottom. The strengthening rib on the 25 cm meets the base well behind the axle.
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I agree with Rod.
Definately medium minenwerfer. As for lifting, the medium weighed between 37 and 49 kgs depending on shell pattern and the heavy between 63 and 94 kgs.