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WW1 Kar98 pt3


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Part3 of images

Can you post more than 5 images at once?


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Hi Motiztab, I really like the relics and especially like the way you've mounted it. And the pics of a complete 98 on the display board is the crowning touch. Shellac or varnish would give it that shine to make your display a 10. Well done. You can post album(s) on your public profile, or re-post 5 ,more pics by adding another post witiin the same thread....Dano
Hi Motizab,
I have move your threads to restoration and preservation as i felt it better suited in here. As Dano has said you can create a gallery on your profile page or add more images to the existing thread.
Best regards Weasel.
Hi Motizab
I have cleaned many relic rifles now,the best way for me was to use a shapened masonary drill bit and use as a small chisel and spend many hours/days chipping away the rust,I have found that spaying them when finished with auto clear laquer seems to keep the original finish,of course the longest part of the job is waiting for them to dry out after spending 80 odd years in the ground,here are some photos of a G98 that has been done using the above method
Cheers Tony


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And here is a Lebel done in the same way but finished in satin black,more like the finish you see in museums,but I do prefere the clear laquer!
All the best Tony


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fantastic results

Hi Tony, I'd think it safe to say that you have a good system. Dramatic results, excellent...Dano
Hi Dano,
I'm happy with it,it is a long job & sometimes you lose a bit that you did'nt want to but I suppose its the same as most things the more time you put in the better the result,took me 3 years to "do" 7 smle's that I "recoverd" from Dunkerque( correct French spelling by the way!) beach on a neap tide
They were totally encrusted,much of the metal was gone,including the butt plates(which proves they are not brass!) but the woodwork was perfect,had to leave them for two years in fresh water to get rid of the salt & then dry out for six months,don't think I would want to do that many again,but I did make a killing in the trade with them! how's your mail ladies leg by the way mate?
Cheers Tony
Hi Tony, Thanks for asking, they replaced her with a huge male mail man 6 feet 7 inches tall 325 pounds. I am cured!! By the way those relic guns are really impressive, gives the sense of having been "there"...Dano
Hi Dano,
our post woman is on her hols & we have a postman at the moment and he is starting to scare me,he keeps hanging about wanting to chat!!! I'm begining to think he may whey anchor in pooh harbour!!!!!:eek:

Thanks for the replies and ideas, no problem about moving the thread:tinysmile_shy_t:
Those rifles look great, I was after something that would reflect what it was and what had happened in the past.

Its going on the wall, just need a 303 to go along side!

Nice relict Motiztab.

And here my relict;
Soviet Mosin Nagant 7,62mm Sniper with PU scope, find in sand on battlefield 1945.

Last two pics - after restoration.
Now in local museum in Poland.



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