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Ww1 Mortar Bomb ,colours ,markings

Big Dave

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Hi ive just bought a WW1 Toffee Apple mottar bomb and a 3inch Stokes bomb off Paul the Grenade ,does anyone know the correct colours ,markings ,etc for them? Any help much apprieciated ,Dave
Hi BD, not sure if this is any good, covers stokes mortars from the 1920's, I don't have anything on the toffee apple but I'm sure someone will. Tony.


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WW1 Mortar, colours ,markings

Thanks Roller i think pre1920 they were a light grey colour ? with a red band near the top and either a pink or green round the middle like your pic but this is only looking at some colour plates in Osprey titles .Thanks again BD
Dave i can send you the colours to do a simulated chemical stokes mortar
I have a copy of a 1919 M.L. Stokes 3 in mortar pam where the body colour is described as "dirty white" with a red band at the top and a pink band for filled ammonal or sabulite or a green band filled amatol.
The 1917 manual for the 2-inch ("Toffee Apple") Medium Mortar describes the colouring as painted "dirty white", with a green band for Amatol, or a pink band for ammonal.