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WW1 No 19 Grenade


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I have a 19 grenade, which was given to me many years ago, and would appreciate any information about it or the value. It is FFE (but no certificate) and being very new to this forum would also appreciate any advice on legal pitfalls in owning it or selling it.




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Hi Nick, Nice item and welcome. Providing your item is conpletely FFE, there is no problem owning it or selling it in the UK. Outside the UK this becomes a completely different matter and varies from one country to the next. In my opinion, probably better not to send it out of Europe if you do decide to sell.
I'm sure you are aware that there are a couple of bits missung, ie. the webbing tapes from the handle and the domed metal cap from the top of the striker. Are there any markings on the grenade at ? (they are not always marked) Iwould consider these to be scarce in good condition, which yours looks to be. Tony.