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ww1 nose-caps??


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Hello Chaps,

do you know what these are exactly?

Brit or German?




for some reason ive always called ww1 fuzes `nose-caps`:dry:

never known why though?:huh:

1st one..
Number 1 is a No 80 fuze (British)
Number 2 is a No 85 fuze (American made for 18 pdr)

Are they for sale/swap?

Nope,I need an old looking one complete with bottom ring to put in my 18 pdr fuze setting trainer!
:) nice now that makes a change from the usual shrapnel rounds people have
Sorry chaps,

these 2 are destined for Germany.

Yes Andy,a little more care is needed on your fuze post-mortems next time!:p

These 2 came from my pal Frank who does have a box of them at his house in similar to relic condition?
I can get some more photo`s next week if you want?
they are all ground dug from Verdun area.

cheers and thanks for the info