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WW1 Trenches in Northumberland


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This WW1 Trench system is on Otterburn Training area in Northumberland,I had the chance to look at these a couple of years ago ,they are still well preserved ,unfortunately the pictures dont really do them justice but these can be visited , it is best checking with Otterburn camp range control before to find out when they are accesible as the range is active much of the year


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Great pics but why where these made?

Was it in practice ready for the lads when they were sent overseas?


hello waff,bit of an iffy one this,all the mentions i have of these trenches are that they were built as training trenches for the great war,a well known mod archaeologist recently did a dig on these and now says they were built as a target,something i disagree with,My opinion ,yes when they fell into dis-use they will have been used as targets ,but at the time to build a well made trench system to use just as a target does not make sense ,to me its like saying the old farm buildings were made as targets because they have been shelled
Yes,i see your point with the target practice theory.Im going to agree with yourself on this.
Anyone else?


I wonder if the area could have been shelled to give troops training in trench repair?

Would seem to be a lot of work to go to just for target practice, I agree with you Spotter.

tomorrow im back on these trenches clearing an access route to them so will try ,weather and time permitting to get some better quality pictures for you all
old trenches

Interesting as to practice or targets, maybe targets to see the effects of our shells but then why try them on our style trenches? There must be miles of practice trench around the country, anyone know of any local to them/ I'll start with Ashridge and Berkhampstead common in Hertfordshire had thousands of yards of WW1 trench dug for training and some still visible but overgrown.
as usual there was last minute change of plan so didnt get to do these today,ill post pics when i eventually get to them..sorry folks
Hi all,
There is a similar set of trenches at Marlow Common, (about 1 mile NW of Marlow town centre), in Bucks, which my grandfather (who served in the Ox. & Bucks. L.I. in WW1) told me had been dug for troop training at that time. As a boy, 50+ years ago now, I played in these, and at that time they were still in quite good condition, but they are now rather overgrown.
I suspect they were dug as part of our WW1 defences to help keep the Scots out Paul - but that's only my personal theory. (with all due respect to those of you north of the border who have a wierd taste in music, wear skirts and use pigs bladders as lunch boxes!) Dave
Used to be a lot of trenches in the woods between Deepcut Barracks and Pirbrigt, very overgrown. Looked WW1ish to me.

Try to see with Google Earth; search with "Otterburn". Everything visible. You can make a virtual trip over other WW battlefields too.


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Finally got to work around the trenches today we did not dig inside them ,and got some better quality photos


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