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ww2 American Torpedo Fuze.


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Hi fellas,

here is one whopper of a fuze up for grabs!
its from the 21 inch diameter torpedo.Weighs 35kg so nope,i shall not be posting it!
its mine as part of a deal but no good to me as i collect german ww2 only.
You can pick it up at my house or i will lump it to Leeds,Harwood,or Beltring.



The outer shell of it.You can see the intake ducts were the water wound the fuze.(i think thats what they did?)
Not for me waff but i have emailed someone who may be interested .no promises tho
This may be going to Beltring if anyone is interested!
Be warned though!,its bloody heavy!

200 to a BOCN member!

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