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WW2 British bomb fuze extractor bomb disposal

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Here is some thing me and my old man came across a few week`s ago,
and bought it, A ww2 british bomb disposal remote fuze extractor complete in box,

It works on placing on the bomb winding it up like a clock (spring loaded) clamping the fuze then retreating with the wire and pulling to let the spring unwind the fuze, often setting them off, but some times working but better then doing it by hand ! :vroam:

It is early example as later in the war they used the booster model that use`d 50 cal rounds to twist the fuze and not a wire string like on this model, but the later model was violent and often set the fuze off !

it may of even defuzed afew German bombs in it day !


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Bit Belt and braces !

A bit "Belt and Braces" but a nice peice of kit and quiet a find.
Thanks for showing us all.
IGOL (I Go On Living) item still used today, and sorry you description of operation is not quite correct. I teach this item and it still has its uses in the world today.

Sorry, I refrain from giving its full use and operation.
nice item

It is a nice kit item especially the molecular resynthisis generation stabilization defribrilation coils, way cool. Dano
get you

Get you jayteepee :aetsch: oh yes thanks for sharing:secruity:helpfull !
i dont mind the correction as i just bought it but, if anyone dosn`t have anything good to say dont say nothing at-all !
Panzerknacker, if you cannot take information that is useful and help people correctly identify items etc, then I suggest this is not the forum for you.

Please read the quotation under Ordnance on the main page which says:

"Please do not post any messages discussing EOD procedures or making Inert procedures.These techniques are dangerous enough for those who are trained in them ,and because this is an open site anyone would be able to see them and therefore as prevention of injury or death or even security threat ,i feel it is best to not discuss or show such topics on this site .Any posts that show these techniques or similar including reactivation/conversion of inert or deactivated munitions or weapons will be immediately removed ...Thank you for reading this important message"

I have not because of the above.
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