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WW2 British bomb


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I believe this is a WW2 British bomb, but unsure what type, if possible could someone in the know please identify it.
This one is located in the No. 4 Commando Museum in Ouistreham, France.
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  • British Bomb 1.jpg
    British Bomb 1.jpg
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Its British i think will have to confirm but it looks like a anti submarine bomb
It is anti submarine but launched from boats out a kind of a mortar tube and it is modern german, I believe it was in the Dutch inventoty to.
In contrast with what i sayed in my previeus message it is not german but Brittisch and also was in service with the Dutch navy. The one shown here is the recoverable excercise projectile Mk 4. These are mortar launched projectiles fired by a cartridge case. The Mk 4 can be picked up and reused. The live ones are the Mk 6 series and Mk 3 series and have a rounded nose cone.
I think the top item in the scan is the same. Click twice for a much bigger pic. Tony.


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    anti submarine and rope cutter.jpg
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Roller your scan shows the live version of the projectile, the picture is the practice.