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ww2 elaz type 9


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Hi Chaps,
This came in a batch this week brokered by a good friend in the Emarald Isle.;)
Thank you sir and we will be in touch again soon...

Its type 9 fuze but with some strange paintwork?
Look at the yellow band across the face? Ive not seen one like this before.
Can anyone elaborate please?




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Hi Paul
Yellow painted tops usually mean Not to be dropped from low altitude , is that a y i see stamped on the rim , if so something has been added , or modified !
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Its ok Steve,
Ive seen this Y on a few cpp example fuzes.I reckon its a batch letter?
I know that Y stamped on the 50B 'Y' meant they were the deadly ones to play with when they were originally dropped.

Im happy with this 9 and that paintwork,deffo a keeper! :)

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That 89 is just fine and dandy my friend. :) The prob is with these type of fuzes is due to the material they are made from,they are prone to corrosion.


The difference between the 9 and your 9A Paul is that one of the
resistors has been changed.
Hi Paul
The resistor change was from 44 meg ohm to 22 which reduces the delay by 50%
Which is probably the reason its been painted yellow , to warn the armourers of the different version
:tinysmile_shy_t: Thank you for the additional info my friend!
It shall sit alongside its type 9 sister in the war room. :)



Nice little addition there mate and just that little bit different if not from the outside:tinysmile_fatgrin_t

Best phil