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WW2 German 3.7cm Hartkernmunition Projectile


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I had the good luck to get hold of one of these recently never thought i would find one. I have a query regarding the case to go with this projo, I have seen it in the 3.7 x 263B Flak 18 case but it only has one groove for a case crimp where as i thought the other 3.7 flak 18 rounds had a double crimp?
Best Weasel.


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Hi Weasel,
this is a 37mm hartkern-practice-round for the cannon of the Luftwaffe. But that is not the standard practice, it is a experimental round. Only the standard HE and AP-rounds had a double crimp.
best regards Bernhard
Thanks for that info Panzergranate,i have a steel case with only one crimp on the neck so i will use that one i think. You never know what you will find.
Best regards Weasel.
Thats a picture of my APCR practice shells. The first two are experimental, the third one is the standard APCR-practice. The last is a tungstencore of the 37mm APCR round.
best regards Bernhard


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I saw this nice proj the other day and thought to myself "is it experimental?"
Wish i had posted now!

Well done chaps on the ident.


It is strange that so many of the b projectiles still exist.

The only diagram I have seen is the 3.7cm H-Pzgr Patr L'spur. I assume that this is the 3rd projectile in Bernhard's picture.
Have you a picture to show the base of your 3 projectiles please?

Was the HK ever used with the Pak gun?

Was the HK ever used with the Pak gun?
Yes. See the pic below from the Ammo Photo Gallery on my website:

Thanks for the picture Tony.
I should have clarified my question. I meant just for the type of projectile below...the 3.7cm H-pzgr.

The problem is I have never seen any documental evidence or period pictures to prove the connection between this HK projectile and the 3.7cm Pak gun.
Does anyone have such evidence?



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all those projectiles were only made for the BK3,7 of the luftwaffe (37 x 263).
the 3rd projectile in my old picture is the "3,7cm H-Pzgr. Lspur b. o. Zerl."

the only Hartkernmunition for the Pak was the pzgr40.

regards Bernhard


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Thank you Bernhard for the picture. It would appear that the middle projectile in your picture is the same as my example.

It is strange that the pzgr40/1 (solid HK) wasn't used for the Pak gun. In many collections you see the projectiles with the Pak case.

It has been said that the pzgr40/1 was an improvement of the pzgr40. There was a problem as the shoulder of the case for the pzgr40 was too short for the chamber. Whereas the pzgr40/1 was able to be used with a normal case.



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