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WW2 German Bomb


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I've attached a few pictures of a large German bomb on display at the back of a military museum in Avranches, which is 60 kms south of Saint Lo, France. Sorry, I can't give you any more information, as not my area of collecting. Hopefully those members in the known will be able to identify it.

PS: Yes waffie I did think about you when I saw it.


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Cheers IV,
I think it may be a `Hermann`?
I shall have a gander round in my books but im sure one of the lads will beat me to it!:biggrin:


Hi Jason
Looks like a German SC250 but without details of width or length its hard to say
Ahahah! I bloody knew it!:tinysmile_tongue_t:

I just nipped into the `museum` and i had a quick look in one of the books.
It seems to be an SC250JA?

Good on ya Waffie and Steve, I should have taken the measurements when I was there, definitely would have made identification much easier for you guys in the know. :tinysmile_hmm_t:
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Hi Jason
I was trying to gauge it on the upturned barb wire picket laying in the yard nearby , i m sure the base of those is 10 inches ,
Hi Steve,
I tried to lift it from the back and it was bloody heavy. :tinysmile_twink_t2:
Any idea what it's weight is suppose to be when it's free of explosive ?
Sc 250

Total weight of bomb 548 lbs
Wzeight of filling 320lbs for JA
type for this: K, JA, L
diameter for body 14,5in
Length of body 47 in
total lenght 64,5 in
Hi Doctor,
Many thanks for the information about the weight of the bomb, which explains why it wouldn't move. :flute:

Just for the uncommon picture :
Bomben der Legion Condor, Flugplatz Vitoria (spain)



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