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WW2 grenades confiscated by police in Poland ...


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hello guys ,pict from some Polish police site. Police confiscated sometime ago ,some ammo rounds ,part of MP (unknown for me) and metal container for smoke grenades . Are those grenades looks fororiginal or they are fake ? They are with handles like in M24 grenade.


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Nb Grenades look to be very nice original early first model Nbhgr39 with standard type handle, the Nbhgr39b had the ribbed handle.
The Police can pat themselves on the back for saving the world with this haul...what a waste of good original and rare items :tinysmile_cry_t4: I will gladly give them a good home!


Wonderful items (but second model; first was only with "Nb" marked and it was no marking on the sticks). Very rare in this condition. Hope they are not going to demolish them all...
These grenades will not go to the destroying place, they will go to the desk of some Police collector, as with most of the items confiscated by these nice guys.
does anyone know the story behind this seizure ?,if it was illegaly held or was to be used in acts of crime or terrorism,the stuff must have been seized for good reasons
Alan, Police most of the times just confiscate ALL without know what they are confiscating. It is not the first history that I read or know from another friends in another countries. Police or laws dont distinguish terrorists from collectors. In all the countries if you collect ordnance or weapons you are a dangerous person and maybe a little psychopath, but if you collect coins, for instance, you are a very good man. Thats all. There are harder countries for collect than others, Poland is a hard country like most of excomunist countries. Germany is another hard country too.

Looks absolutely prime time to me, just love seeing so much ordnance jammed together in a limited amount of space (a space in time!)
Wonderful items (but second model; first was only with "Nb" marked and it was no marking on the sticks). Very rare in this condition. Hope they are not going to demolish them all...

Hi Grenadier, can you please post a pic of what a first model is? I had thought all grenades without the b on them were concidered first model and had standard pattern Handles so look forward to a little bit of an education here.
Heres two pots I thought were first model , one Im allmost embarassed to show ...its rough but only marked Nb39. What would be the correct handle style for these?

I look forward to your reply


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Thank you Grenadier, Superb examples!
Im looking forward to the release of your next book!
Best regards
PS: As you see, this handle is correct here too.


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Thats great Grenadier, I think I will be ok with standard patten handles and white bands for my Nb grenades.
Thank you for your assistance
Andrew MG34NZ