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WW2 Mine Detectors


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Just wondering if any of your guys out there have any WW2 mine detectors even post war detectors German American or British etc. I have the US SCR-625 detector set in working condition, very intresting to use. i have just invested some cash for a new PSU battery inverter that works off the two out. Strangely enough you can still get this type of battery but it over 100 a pop. I did use 11 9 volt batteries in series that worked well. I am also after the AN/PRS-1 detector set for non metallic mines. It would be quite interesting to try one of these out.
Hi Chris
I have the old 4E mine detector that looks like the 1950,s 4A valved mine detector and it still detects perfectly.The wartime mine detector was the Polish, there is one at brenzett museum.
I have details of the German detectors if thats any help!
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Hi, Here's a Brit post war one. Cheers


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i have 66 dtectors in my collection, (ww 2 and post ww 2) french, british, german, polish, russian, ex NVA, bulgaria,israel,yougoslav, us, austria
Hi Pat
Thats a great collection and i would guess an unusual hobby. which german ones do you have?
Hi Pat
Thats a great collection and i would guess an unusual hobby. which german ones do you have?

here old pictures of my collection


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in german i have only post ww2 , model vallon, foerster,


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other here


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Just Got my self (at last) a AN/PRS-1 mine dectector, mint condition with all the bits, post some pics later.
Does anyone have a manual on the WW2 British No4a mine detector and know of anyone who has the early Polish mine detector (not sure of model number, any one know) complete and up for grabs for a friend of mine.
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Hi BMG50,
I have found some pictures of one i used to own until i needed some money years ago and had to sell it, a real shame i wish i still had it. I got it locally from an old guy who had stuck it away after the war, it must have been left behind by the US forces that were training for the D-Day landings at Slapton Sands in South Devon.
It was only missing a couple of bits, have a look at the pictures,

Best regards Weasel.


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I have a detector 4 and 4A which I think are 1942 - in a transit case and if I can find them will post photos!
I have just aquired a No;4a mine detector, its missing some bits ie, the two lower half extention arms with clamp that attaches to the detector coil head section, is this teliscopic arm the same as the No;4c detector, if so anyone have one spare or from a breaking detector set. I am also after the bakerlite 4 pin pug which is screwed together in two halfs, i have one side but not the other. anyone have the pin side where the 4 pins come out. Apart from this a am after a test unit and the ruler.