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WW2 Soviet RG-42 Markings / Help Needed

Kilroy was Here

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Hello. Pics of a RG-42 I found for the collection. I like this one, nice original paint, and untouched. Does anyone have one like it, or similar? I am a gun collector also, and this Star and arrow look similar to the Tula arsenal symbol on guns.
The fuse handle is marked "58" and "44" I assume the date, and factory code? What factory was 58? does anyone know?

Is this a Tula grenade? what is the M00 underneath it mean, or signify? Anyone know?

Is there a good source, either on-line, or a book with Soviet WW2 grenade, and ordnance markings/codes etc? or is that an impossibility.

Thanks. Regards, Steve


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I have the following RG 42 in my collection - don't know anything about the manufacturer


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Very nice one. I like the color. What does the fuse handle say, It looks maybe postwar?? Here are the handles of my RGD33's, one has an "8", and other "2"
It must be the factory code. Same typical color of your grenade. There is a name for that color gren, but do not remember.

Regards, Steve


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The Fuze is a UZRGM dated 64 and it came together with the grenade


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Hello Grenadier,

thank you for the infos - any knowledge about the factory that had the8 in the square?
If this marking denotes factory, this is Factory 8 "M. I. Kalinin" in Mytishchi near Moscow (former "Moscow Gun Factory" ("MOZ") before 1927).