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WW2 US Mk.II HE Grenade


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Ordnance approved
Hi. This grenade was found in the Guadalcanal area of the Solomon's back in the 70's. During the early stages of the Pacific War the Americans were very short of grenades and many types and variations were used in the Solomon's. The fuze (cut-back type), body (grey paint under a yellow exterior) and short lever all date from the 1920's. Of particular interest to me is the lever. Most of the levers that used to litter the Solomon Islands were short and long M10A1's. This one is slightly longer than the short ones, but still shorter than the long spoons. The reinforcing ridge also protrudes outwards, rather than inwards like the M10A1's. It is the only one I have seen like it in this part of the world. Hopefully you find it interesting also. Cheers Colin
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Colin, Due to tight budgits in the 20's and 30's training range picked up fuses were reused. Although my collection is small I have 1 fuse that is a reuse/restamped safty lever. Nice piece though early MK II grenades are kind of rare here.
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