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WW2 weapons and ordnance collection


Two of my latest purchases don't know if anyones interested

The one on the left is a 1943 6pdr apds which is mint and was covered in a evil hard to remove blue ink (was this made into a drill round )I had a go at restoring it not bad for 50 at an antique shop.
The other is the 1943 7.5cm L24 Kwk I just bought from Saffery which i'm quite pleased with.
Will post more pictures if anyones interested.
Cheers Darren

Lets see if i got it right this time.
Hi Daz.....50 for a 6PDR APDS is a great price, even w/o original paint.

....and I love the 7,5cm Kwk38 L/24, very nice round and better still, an excellent condition case for a German round. I have exact details of the projectile somewhere. ..ill look em up if you don't know already.

I think the price you paid is fair...well done
Both items were on the right side of fair in term of cost.
150 for the 7.5cm KWK38 L/24 is very reasonable as was 50 for the 6pdr APDS.
Well done.
Not sure that i'd have offerd Saffery a Knighthood though Daz...:laugh:

Hi Daz...
I think the projectile is designated 7,5cm SprGr 34 with KPS (bimetal) driving band. I've looked this up from a book...so not completely certain....It could also be a K.Gr.rot.Kh, which is almost identical, but has a slightly different driving band from what I can see in your picture.

My only concern is that according to this page http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/willphelps/Specs-03.htm neither of those two rounds were fired from the short 7,5cm L/24, which your case is from....thinking I should have kept quiet now...but I could easily be wrong!

Q - do you know any more?....or anyone else knowlegdable on German ordnance.

I'm still learning on the topic of ordnance I think its something you never stop learning on I will upload a picture of the bum of the shell if that helps any dont mind any info pos or neg
Cheers Darren
Lol I always give over the top feedback if I am happy with something and quite often some funny remark.

Ive had some good items from saffery and some terrible ones from other sellers.
Any info welcome many thanks, if this projectile is not from this shell maybe what is it from? it looks identical to ones in an old book I have even down to the driving band the case is brass washed steel if that helps at all.
Cheers Daz
The projectile has been repainted at some point I think that this was part of a collection used by the french EOD for identification purposes so might be made up from bits and pieces.
Hi Rich, If your I.D. of the shell is correct then your right its the wrong shell for the case.
It should be in a Kwk 40 or a Pak 40 case (case numbers 6339St & 6340 or 6340St).
Daz, the short case you have is in lovely condition so dont be worried about that.
You may well be able to pick up the long case on ebay or Specialist Auctions.


Thanks for that what is the difference looks wise between the two shells is it just the driving band material.
Cheers Daz
In a book of my mates i just spoke too it says that the pak 40 had a steel driving band and the L24 had a brass also the pak 40 HE that hairbarebunch on specialist has got a steel driving band sometimes books get it wrong i have three books that say nagant revolvers stopped being made in 43 but i have a 45 dated one at home
Its a case (sorry no pun intended!) of buyer beware.
Mikes a dealer first and foremost and as far as I know he's not a collector.
If the round was in the case when he brought it then thats how he'll sell it.
I'd very much doubt he knew it wasnt 'right'.
I've seen a number of strange combination being sold buy dealers over the years and either the buyers are happy to mix and match or simply don't know that what they've brought is 'wrong'.
You've still got a nice item, if you want to sell it for what you paid for it then I know somebody who would take it off your hand. Now that should put your mind at rest.:)
Let us know on the forum what reply your get from your email. Wonder If he'll still be up for that Knighthood...:laugh:

Everyone look at the Pak 40 HE on specialist being sold by harebarebunch it has a steel driving band .

Are you lot havin me on for a laugh ya buggers:huh:
I think the boys are being serious.
Just remember that a lot of these `big-time` dealers know exactly what they are doing.
be careful and do research.ive learned the hard way before.