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WW2 Wooden 30 Cal Box


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This was given to me recently and has just been treated for a major case of woodworm. Left over by the American's in Salcombe.


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Thanks spotter,
These dont turn up very often. Now the woodworm has been treated i need to aply soe kind of resin to the worst affected areas as its a bit soft in places.
I was also given another wooden ammo box at the same tome for .45 rounds i will post that soon.
As for the stencils on this box am i right in thinking S.L.C. is Salt Lake City.?

Best Weasel.
Well done weasel,looks good so far.

A pal of mine told me that sunflower or olive oil is very good to restore these boxes with?
The sunflower oil works a treat on my King Tiger crate.


SL Could be St. Louis Ordnance Plant. Saint Louis, Missouri. They manufactured .30-06 and .50 BMG rounds headstamped "S L # #(date)". I'm not sure what the "-C" part on the stencilling could mean.
Thanks for the info Falcon, i will have to do some more research into this.

Best Weasel.
Nice box! 5 round clips were used in the M1903 Springfield rifles but this box was most likely used to supply ammo to men carrying BAR's. They used 20 round box magazines. The ammo would be stripped into the magazines.
try a Cuprinol product - it is ,as you say, a clear resin that is used to make rotten wood window frames solid. It soaks in and then sets hard, replacing the lost density of rotten wood. I have found it to be excellent and it even works with iron! (which is a slightly porous metal)
Thanks for the extra info Maxrobot and Rickoshea, i will pick up a tin of the cuprinol and give it a go as the worst affected areas are very soft.