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WWI Granatenwerfer projectile HELP

I was painting the Granatenwerfer projectile that I got from smle2009 (thanks Tony) today, and started looking at it and something seemed weird. I then got my other projectile out and they are very different. First of all the one I already had is a practice unit and does not have threads for a fuze (had a fake fuze made up by last owner). The difference in size between the projectiles is obvious from the pics. The one I got from Tony is on the left, is a relic and I had to make up some fins for it, and is smaller in width than the other. The one on left is just under 2 1/2 inches wide and the practice unit on right is just under 2 3/4 inches wide. The body is very different also. Something that gave me a chuckle is that when (see pic) I removed the fake fuze it is actually filled with an inert substance! You know the old e-gay obligitory line that had to be stated. Anyway the question. Why the size difference? I know the width is un-important as it was not a tube mortar. Are there alot of different sized projectiles and maybe I just never noticed before. I'm not as educated on these babies as I thought I was. Of course I know that were many different shaped projectiles (at least 10). I did not know there were size differences within 1 design. Am I making any sense here? Any input appreciated...Dano


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