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Wwi relic dated 1945!!!


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Hi all,
found this at a local boot sale on Monday,vendor was selling it as a WWI battlefield relic from the somme!!! After cleaning it the date 5-45 appeared,I know very little about larger shells but from the markings on the projectile I can hazord a guess that it was a 10pdr?the marking on the fuze are,top segment; 390 2A AE 5 45 broad arrow IA 99IV(cancled out) R3, middle segment; R , bottom segment; 0 to 30 scale SAFE(with pointer) F, marking on the shell splinters are O or UI BE 3MO, 10LB II also partial 8?(part missing) the fuze is brass and by the corrosion would have had a alloy tip,any info on fuze or shell would be greatly appreciated
Cheers Tony


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Looks like a British 3" mortar , Possibly smoke or parachute flare. Isn't HE as the shoulder is too rounded and its the wrong type of fuse.
Thanks Hangarman,
With you id I have found this,would this be right?
Cheers Tony


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You might laught,but I'm sat here with a fin & base ejection part(that would hurt if it fell on you),had them all the time in my box of sort it out oneday bits!! Now to find another body...oh and the very pointy bit....stop it I don't collect mortars....:tinysmile_cry_t4:
Cheers Tony
Could'nt resist taking a photo,I think mine has a certain rustic charm!!!!


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Hi Andy they are a bit bent & rusty but saveable I think,sure I have some more somewhere
3 inch mortar SMK BE + Fuze No 390

Here two pics of the 3 inch mortar Smk BE and his fuze


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