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X-Rayed Ordnance


Ordnance Approved
Ordnance approved
Here's some pictures of various items we've xrayed over the years.
Some of the quality isn't great as they've been scanned for uploading.

Picture 1 - Empty Aircraft bomb (not sure which one) showing the central burster.

Picture 2 - Empty German 10.5cm projectile, showing burster.

Picture 3 - Mustard filled 25pdr mk 10, showing a liquid level and the piston used for disseminating the agent.

Picture 4 - Chloropicrin filled 4" Stokes mortar, showing a liquid level and central burster.

Hope you find them interesting


10.5cm shell.jpg

25 pdr.jpg

Ordnance Radiographs;

Those are some fine radiographs, may I ask what you used to make them, electroic or live source?
The first 3 were shot using an Andrex 300kv set and wet processing. The Stokes was shot using an XR 300 pulsed x ray set and polaroid developing system.
The quality of the originals is far better.
great pictures peteblight so if its black inside that means its empty

regards lee
The way it works is that denser areas are whiter, so depending on the fill, then there will be a difference between the fill and voids.
After working with an x-ray for a while you can get a good "feel" for the contents.