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Xm 736

as far as I know it never got much further than that. I've never seen a photo or any data beyond the sketch you are looking at now. The program was halted around 1986 -8?, at that point only two of the four systems planned were put into place, the 155 and the BLU. We were working on the BCW warhead for the MLRS at WSMR at that time (love those military acronyms), we had just gotten to where we were getting good delivery results (sim) when were were told to shut it down and box it up. As far as I know the 8-inch was never begun. Initial work should have been done at Picatinny, during my searches there I found two different prototype models of the 155, but nothing on the 8-inch. All I have in my records is the sketch. Sorry, JO
It goes without saying, if you do find a photo I want a copy!!