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Yo Mills guys

Here is the game, i post the picture and you guys fill in the blanks! Dano


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YUP!... Appears to be original casting molds for a No.36 Mills.
The "C" on the front of the casting is for Chatham Co. (a.k.a. "Chatco"), a Canadian manufacturer during WW2 located in Chatham Ontario Canada.

Nice find Dan!
Thanks for posting the photos.

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Yep Rick and Brad you're both right, and brad they belong to someone we both know who lives in Ontario Canada....Dano
Mills mold

Thanks John, and to all for the nice comments. I do not own this Canadian mold as it belongs to a longtime collector friend of mine and he will not part with it. I just thought it was interesting kit and wanted to show it...Dano
yep i thought they were moulds also but as usual 19 people got in before me

oh well never mind

Hi, Here's a Kiwi version in use. Cheers Colin


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