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Your thoughts please?


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Hi chaps,
Yesterday,i picked up 2 King Tiger rounds that need some tlc.
My mate took one of them,i will keep the other.
My predicament is that i either keep both of them when Mick has done his stuff on them OR i save up for a top condition one that may be coming up but for 4 times the price of the two bought..
I know what my chick and my best mate say but i need your feedback.
Here is the one ive kept,no pics of the other yet im afraid.
inside the case there are no signs of filler coming through,so i will `red-lead` spray inside during the restoration.
I havent took a pic of the bottom with the primer as i cant see the stamps.i suspect though that there maybe some under that awful paint.
On rubbing a bit off the side of the case,it seems like there is not much evidence of filler.im told that the rounds have probably been water-found still in a recovered tank??
There probably 'lakes' rounds, water dumped at the end of the war as an expedient way of disposing of them.

Of the two you've got the H.E. is the rarer and looked to be the better of the two. I know which one i'd keep!

How much is the 'mint' example going to cost you?

Hi Q,i did fancy this one too.
The beauty will cost in excess of 600.
I can get the other back off Mick post-refurb for a few quid more of course but im still undecided whether to spend that much money on the `beauty` later in the year.


I have to say that albeit the hideous paint, they don't look in too bad condition...The driving bands on the projectile aren't badly pitted, suggesting that the rest, being a much harder material will also not be badly pitted once the paint is removed. Fingers crossed, the case is also ok....it doesn't take much to rot through the case wall and that cant be fixed with filler...so again, hopefully decent under the paint

As for Q's prices, my thoughts are as follows: -

8,8cm Kwk43 with excellent brass wash case and non pitted AP projectile - 550-600. Add 50 for HE and another 50-100 for good case markings. Id, subtract 300 or so for poor condition.

My guess is that Waffys AP round shown is worth about 450-550 once the paint is removed.

The problem with German "Tiger" rounds is that their infamy and desirability drives the price much more than its rarity.

I've stuck my neck out, and hope I haven't upset my mate waffy, but id love to hear other peoples views

There must be a firm out there that can brass wash/plate these german cases or a way of doing it yourself???
I may be talking complete rubbish, as im not a chemist, but I thought I heard that that brass wash process requires cyanide related chemicals to complete.....In which case, its not one for me.

I also tend to prefer the more natural state, if there's not original paint left....jmho
Great feedback gents thank you.

I also was thinking the same as Daz whether it was possible for a re-brasswash too.
No upset with the prices as both rounds were only 220 after a bit of bargaining!
Rich,if i dont buy the `beauty` later in the year then its available for sale if you see where im going...;)


There is a way to stabilise these brass washed steel cases.

If there is no brass wash left you can use the toilet cleaner method!

Basically soak your case in toilet duck for a few hours,keep moving the case every so often so it all gets covered.

It should leave your case without rust and it should be a lovely grey colour.

Obviously,wash the case and dry well afterwards,and make sure that you give it a wipe over with oil/wd 40 for extra protection!!

I should add that only products that say they clean limescale are supposed to work using this method!

Wow, wish i had a King Tiger round to sell to you Richard! :laugh:

I think that, in MHO, that Waffs round is worth about half of your estimate, all depends on the condition of the case.

Your correct that all WW2 German rounds have a premium price, tiger rounds more so, and rarity is not the main contributing factor to value.

It all come down to what your willing to pay, frankly ebay (and Mike on S.A.) have pushed the price up to a degree that they can't attain at a fair.

If you look at the number of items that don't sell on S.A. i think it shows how inflated the prices have become.

The 'real' price is much lower, its all about supply (low) and demand (high).

At the end of the day its worth what you'll pay for it.

Looks like a nice round to me old bean !

The case will always be a problem being steel !

The projectile looks like it has been used as a hammer-but fortunately only where it does not show-so no loss I reckon, how come the Ballistic cap has come adrift ?

When those caps are attached they are attached with a very strong joint of solder-yet yours seems to only "fit where it touches" - that does noy queit look right:eek:hmy:

I however would be proud to own that round at the price you mention!
Good luck with your decision whichever you go with !