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Yugoslavian - TMA-3 - AT blast mine.

mine on pic is practice which is noticeable by yellow stripe across mine body and insignia VTMA-3 meaning Vjezbovna Tenkovska Mina Antimagnetna (Practice Anti-tank Mine Nonmagnetic).
Many thanks for the information. I have a couple of mines with yellow lines, seems very difficult to get the good mines these days.
GermanMilitariaUK your VTMA-3 doesn't have the original fuzes VUTMAH-3,the mine on your photo is fitted with UTMAH-4 fuzes for TMA-4 yugoslavian AT mine.Be careful,because practice TMA-4 fuzes have upper part painted in yellow,just school and live fuzes for TMA-4 are completly black.And your fuzes on this photo are for sure UTMA-4 for TMA-4 mine,not for TMA-3.They are slighlty different in shape.Check are they school or "live"...because "live" TMA-4 fuzes cannot be made inert(blasting cap and detonator are glued in the fuze body).
Thanks for the info. These fuses are solid plastic which came with the TMA-3 when I got it, unfortunately the TMA-4 came with no fuses so I had to use them in both pictures.
Any more info would be much appreciated.
Here are some photos of igniters UTMAH-3 and 4.
1 to 3: UTMAH-3
4-5 : UTMAH-4


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