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Zundmittel 35 S.Mi. 35 -question about content


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hello ,is anyone know what items should be inside Zundmittel fur S.Mi. 35 ? Is anything about Zundmittel in german WW2 manual ( S.Mi. 35 ) ? What it mean :
-5 Zwischenstucken,
-27 kl. Dichtscheiben ,
-9 gr. Dichtscheiben.
And i need info (pict) about places of thise items inside of Zundmittel box.
Hello, Tomek
zwischenstck is a y-distributor to fix two ZZ35 or 42 instead one SMi.Z35,
kleine dichtungen are the small washers for the three det tube plugs and
groe dichtungen are greater wahsers for the center plug.
the honourable senior member tmine35 recently showed great pictures concerning the box "Zndmittel fr je 9 S.Mi.35" in this section!
see this link http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/s-mi-35-t26215.html?t=26215
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Here a closeup showing original sets of rubber washers, as packed in the accessory box.


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On ebay there was a complete box with assories by an American dealer recently
S -mine 35

This is what the mine looks like on the inside - ball bearings are early war shrapnel and late war is bit`s of chopped up bar that is really sharp !
as for the box as you see my box has been captured and the insides removed, but i know what is needed to fill it, 1 trip wire reel, 1 bakelite fuze box, containing trip fuzes and one main pressure relise fuze, if you need more refrence look up my display pictures :) stu


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