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BRITISH STORES 1915 - Part 1 of 4 2023-07-29

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This PDF is part of a set of 4 PDFs that make up the complete manual. Please download all 4 in order to complete the set. I had to brake it into 4 parts in order to obtain uploadable sized PDFs.

This is Part II of the PRICED VOCABULARY OF STORES USE IN HIS MAJESTY'S SERVICE 1915. Covers Land Service Stores and Stores common to both Land and Naval Services.

This is a very comprehensive volume and covers every item no matter how small that was used by the Commonwealth Armies as of 1915.

A superb reference for those of you that have a keen interest in WWI.

This has been a joint project brought to you by BOCN members Gspragge & BOUGAINVILLE.
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