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Being a copy of the slides used to support a presentation on MD1 made at 'The Firs', Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire, UK during 2010. MD1 was an independent munitions design establishment responsible for a variety of ammunition and equipment developments such as the 'Sticky Bomb', the PIAT and the JW Bomb. Because the talk was aimed at a civilian audience I did not cover quite a few weapons that 'were before their time'; tandem warheads, area denial sub-munitions and clustered top-attack of armour were but a few.

Apologies that the context is sometimes missing without the actual talk but hopefuly the images, especially those from MD1 negatives, will be of interest and reading Macrae's "Toyshop" will fill in the gaps.

I have been reminded that I first gave the talk to the HBSA at the Imperial War Museum in 2004.

A note on copyright:

Most of the images on the slides are from MD1 negatives in the author's care, or are his own work. Other image owners, where known, have given their permission to use the material. A few images cannot be attributed and are used in good faith but will be removed if copyright owners come forward and require the same. Acknowledgements are included in the slide set.
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