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15 pdr fuse?


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Have a 15 Pdr erhart shrapnel shell in vg fired condition,whats the correct fuse for this please,its the more common uk produced shell,cheers tony.:)
Hi Andy,wrong one! Thats the rarer non uk version,its totally different,especially the band its much narrower than the british made one.Will send spotter a pic later to post,after ive been shopping,cheers for post,Tony.
Hi Tony,

You want a No. 56, 60 or 63 time and percussion fuze.
I have a H.E. shell that I'd guess is pretty rare.

Have a read of these Tony
Hello ,yes there is ,,i will add a more comprehensive list in next few days for you,,i will add it to my fuze documents post
Thanks to both of you guys for the info, a HE shell is very rare,ive only seen shrapnel shells,Tony.
These are the fuzes No56-left ,No60-right can someone confirm these fuze nos as this type all look very similar to me,,also its difficult to read the time rings on these as they are fired recovered items
Want one of these Tigs for your projectile let me know sure we can work something out

I will take you up on your offer spotter,will swap or buy,let me know.As for the HE shell it must be rare ,by 1915 when the shell is dated this gun was basically obsolete.Thanks again chaps,Tony.