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18pdr fuzes

Could someone please help me as I am looking for a list of ALL fuses that were fitted to the 18pdr shell. As I have been able to surmize so far from the posts I have read (always the student) I am pretty sure these were used. Can someone add to and/or correct my assumption
1) No80
2) No100
3) No101
I realize I may well be wrong and i'm not a real educated man so any help/input would be most definately appreciated.......Dano
18 Pr Schr : fuze N80; 85 and with adapter 65
18 Pr HE Mk I Fuzes T&P N80/44, 85/44
18Pr HE Mk II Fuzes N85with gaine N1, 80 with gaine N1, 100 with gaine N1
18 Pr HE Mk III Fuzes N100, 101, 102, 103 (with gaine N2) and 106
18Pr Chemical Fuzes 106
18Pr Smoke Fuzes 106, 101 and 44 on adapter N2 II
18 Pr INCDY Fuzes 80, 85
18Pr AZ Fuzes T 180; 185