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3lb 2cwt Practice Projectile


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The 3lb 2cwt was used with the inter wars vickers medium tank.The practice round shown is a fired example minus its cap.These contained a small gunpowder charge which upon impact would emit a small flash and puff of smoke indicating where the round hit.
Measurements are from the fired round ..
Length 130mm
Width 47mm
Fuze Hotchkis Base Fuze
Hazard Gunpowder charge...Sensitive fuze
Use Vickers Medium Tank

I did have a drwaing of this round but have lost it ,can anyone supply more info on these rounds please
Drawing of the practice projectile,please if anyone has a photo or picture of a mint round please post it as there seems to be very little to be found about these rounds
just refound this in the shed today,Item on the left of the photo
3lb flathead shot
Length 105mm
width 47mm
Small tracer pocket ??
Not sure if this is any help, shells are not my speciality, found this in a manual about ammo markings dated 1934. Tony.
Hi Qm, please see attached scan of the cover of this manual, a picture is worth a thousand words ! it's a lovely old manual with 22 pages of text and 25 fantastic pull out colour plates dated 1934. It goes into great detail about the shell marrkings in use at the time. Hope this helps, Tony.
Has anyone got a good picture (not drawing) or specimen in their collection that still has the cap? All that I have seen are fired, pitted & missing cap.
Regards Ozzi.