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Hi Lou, that's a Kl Az 23 umg , or -in English- a small impact fuze 23 modified. It was used primarely on the 7,5cm HE shells like the Kwk.40 , Pak 40, Kwk 42.
Regards DJH
Cool,thanks for the ID. I have three of them.Maybe I might hit the trade section with two of them.
Dear Lou I have just bought a 7.5cm Kwk L24 shell that has that very same fuze in the top look at the pictures in the 'my collections' section.
Beautiful round.And the same fuze. Wonder if there ever was a cap or how the tip of the fuze was finished off?
Thats it my friend thats the way the fuze looked a bit strange i know you should see the fuzes on the french 47mm ww2 tank shells they are like no other.
Just type in 47mm french in the search area.