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All quiet on the `Waff-tern` front!


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Hello Chaps and Chapesses.

Old Waffy is going to be a bit quieter than usual(much to the delight of some of you!:laugh:).

We are having another cull at work in 3 weeks time as things are not looking good for the major brewers of late,so i might be out on my ear.
All is not lost though because if i keep my nose clean then i shall come away with a few weeks pay and ive decided to go it alone and start my own show by looking after the smaller brewer that nobody wants to know.
Im very confident after a few phone calls tonight to some good old reliable customers that there is a fighting chance that it could succeed as they have wanted a small business to help them out on service rather than the big boys that turn their noses up at them.
So,for the next 21 days im going to be rather busy setting up stall or at least making serious waves at having a go.
I may be one of the lucky few that stay employed were i am,but the cork is out of the bottle and im really game to chase this one up.

cheers and best as always

Good Luck Waffy

I am sure I speak for everyone here in wishing you every success in possibly your "new venture".

Keep the pints flowing I say Waffy !:tinysmile_fatgrin_t

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Thanks Chris,`preciate that.:biggrin:

I could escape the cull again and end up staying a few more months before total collapse! Im just thinking ahead so if i get knocked off then i shall def give it a go.
I need the redundancy package or i will really have to risk it by jumping ship?
Either way im going to chase this one to see if its viable.

Cheers Archie,
I went out with a pal who has been in business 20 odd years.His main advice was to sit pretty and wait for the hanging list and then make a decision.
Any more advice from you boys?


Hi Waff,

i worked for a big corporate company once, supposed to have felt safe, then everything was targetted ans sell, sell, sell, was the name of the game. Was with them for 20 years, then a package to go was offered to those who wanted it. I took it, went self employed and never looked back. This was in 1995 and one of my better decisions. My best was to have my peepers lazered but thats another story.

Give it a go mate, in my case the grass was greener on the other side but it did involve a lot of hard work, worth it in the end.

Good luck,

Cheers Andy,

Im going to spend the next 2 weeks sounding out potential and existing contacts.
My thoughts are whilst the the top dogs of contractors and breweries are fighting amongst their selves,i might jump in on the smaller outfits that need a reliable service.
Off course i will have to chase up accountants and book-keepers and suss out how to invoice and keep the records straight?


Hi Waff,
I just want to wish you the best on your solo venture, i work in the drinks trade and get to meet lots of smaller independant people who are always being messed about by the big firms. I am sure there is an opening for you.

Best regards Weasel.
Hi Waff,

record keeping isnt difficult, i just give it all to the accountant and he charges me not a lot every year and keeps the taxman off my back. Obviously it isnt that simple but a good accountant is really needed and my advice is get in touch with one once you have made the big 'decision'. If you go self employed and then ignore the IR then they will make an assumption on your earnings and then send an assumed demand as they did me. The accountant sorted all this and thay gave me dosh back. A mate just tried to ignore them and is now in deep doodoos. However, once sorted its ok and i would never work for anyone again. If i ever want a day off i alwyas ask the boss and as he is such a nice guy he always says yes.

Good luck

If all of the collectors you know -

Drink like the ones I know, you will never have a problem ! How about the brewer that makes Hob Gobblin -- great stuff indeed ~~~~
Thanks lads for your words of advice.I appreciate them.
All rests on how the meeting goes in 2 weeks of course and how many contacts i can summon up from the depths!

@G,i think i live a lot further North from where Hob Gobblin is brewed though!