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Any Info or pics on a No. 64 Mk II T&P fuze

Hey guys
Done a dive on a local wreck and found a fuze. Cleaned it up and discovered its a MkII No.64 T&P. Does anybody have any pics or info on these. its in perfect condition, literally factory fresh, does anybody know the internal workings or how best to get it dismantled? many thanks, JK ps its stamped with DUMMY is this signifiying its inert?
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Here is the details of the fuze
Source Page 319 Treatise on Ammunition 1915
Sorry for poor picture will redo under natural light tomorrow


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thanks for the info fuzeman. the picture is very clear as it is. however thats not the same fuze. this one is pointed in a blunt "oval" way and has the graduated ring and the time and percussion pins are in differant locations than as shown. any ideas or were there differant varients of it? many thanks, JK.
number 64

You posted the no 62 fuze Steve. Number 64 diagrams attached. Hope this is the correct fuze JK.

BD :tinysmile_twink_t2:


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Hi JK me i read it as the 64 fuze sorry about that but the text is for your fuze
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