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anyone into military model making


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Just wondered how many if any of the members make /collect scale military models or even other types of scale models..
dont post any pics its just an idea ive had,
Please let me know if you do by replying here..
thanks spotter
I do wargaming.

15mm Command Decision WWII British Airborne Division
15mm Napoleonics, British, French, Nassau
1:300 Combined Arms Modern Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment, British Armoured Division
1:76 Combined Arms Modern British
1:76 Command Decision WWII British Infantry, German Fallschirmjager
i have reduced my collection since you were last here ?
i parteded with 4 splanes at the weekend and tripped over a parachute
and broke 2 tonight :tinysmile_tongue_t:
I got loads of WW2 diecast models and info on whats available will take some pics of some of my favourites at the weekend and post them here.

daz dont post anything on here yet ,
its basically to see if any interest and if theres enough interested i will start a section,i just dont want to make a section at peoples request then watch nothing happen as in some of the other requested sections
I used to be heavily into models, mostly British and Canadian 1/35 Armour and German 1/48 single engine props. More or less got out of the hobby years ago, but kept my airbrushes, tools etc. and have a couple of grand worth of paint slowly drying out on my shelves. My favorite subject was the Vickers Mk VI Light Tank and the Bren/Scout/Universal Carrier series.
Wouldn't mind seeing a section here devoted to modelling.
New model and diorama section will be added tomorrow sometime,So get ready to post your military or even non military models and dioramas,tips etc even scale military toys are welcome..regards spotter
The model section is going to happen ,at present im having no luck getting hold of bolo to set it up,
thanks for your patience...spotter
As of today model section is now closed due to lack of interest and will be removed soon
any posts tha were in the model section have NOT been deleted they have been moved to off topic discuussions
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Of course! I was one of those who built scale plastic models in the 60's and 70's when almost every toy or department store had a good selection.
ww1 trench system/modeling

I built a detailed ww1 trench system for the ATC,
And ive built kits for other folk.
Ive also built props for thearter,and effects for cas simulation.
Modeling is my main hobby that I have tranfferd over to renovating ordnance,and trying to get the correct paint schemes.

Ive built fake barbed wire (looks good with military displays),and re created the correct paint texture for a rusted up German helmet.
Ive rebulit the rusted fragmentation sections on my relic rod grenade using metal putty.

I love creating things from nothing.
Ive built aircraft,tanks,sci fi stuff and various dioramas.

I have a wealth of techniques I use for weathering and painting.
I f anyone needs any advice i'm more than happy to share my experiance.
Many moons ago i was well into Aircraft model making.
Then i got my first air-rifle and then the models went.......
Ive got a Typhoon jet and a U-boat still in the loft to build up one day but they wont suffer the fate of those models all those years ago!