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Armystuffs Model Collection


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This is just a small sample of Armystuffs model aircraft collection.This is the biggest private collection of model aircraft i have ever seen,Many of which are in cases.I believe Archie inherited this collection and all are top quality
The photos are from MCF but i have been given permission to reproduce them here by the original poster PAB


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And even more ...remember this is just a small selection


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Wow...! He had a monsterous collection, and as you said that is only a small part. Thanks for posting Spotter it's good to see what else he collected.
aircraft collection

Hi spotter,
thank for showing them, you are right he did inherite them i think he said 400 of them. he sent pics to me as my father in law was going to buy some. archie was a great guy i still think of the red face.
panzer 1 dave.
I think these are still for sale you know?
Contact Dawn through Archies account here as she still pops in.

Yes,i will also never forget that face!:tinysmile_shy_t:

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neither will i forget his wee red face wingy-especially after you & al went through his ordnance collection!:tinysmile_twink_t: