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AZ 23/28 finish


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I have just got my first AZ23/28 fuse but I am interested to learn what the original finish would have been.

I assume some may have been painted green but were there unpainted examples and if so was it a shinny metal finish.

It would be a help to if anyone had any pictures please.

Many thanks
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good question squire,

I got mine last week and should really take a close up pic.
im sure there was green paint on there at sometime?

Hi StielGr,
I have seen green and also a few in matt black and also some with a brown laquer on i assume they might be the unpainted ones. As they would need a protective coat of some sort.
Best Weasel.
Now that I have posted the pictures of my fuse hopefully that will get the ball rolling for some other members to post theirs.

The strange thing, any maybe someone will know the answer, but why were AZ 23/28 fuses made from steel and most other german HE projectile fuses where made from other materials so they could be left with the bare metal finish?



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AZ23/28 was also made from aluminium, and another description i have also says sheet metal housing with plastic body
Hi SG , Here one of mine still retaining most of its original finish. I have not seen one of the plastic body ones that Spotter speaks of...that will be another one to look out for.



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Hi Lads,
Here are a couple of shots as promised of my AZ23/28
Lovely fuze with a little wooden bung.
Cant see a waff stamp but its def the real thing.



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And here it is on the KwK43.



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Hi Weasel and Waff.
Thanks for posting the pictures. I know pzgr40 did a lovely section of the AZ23/28 so DJH if you read this thread a good close up would be much appreciated.

Has anyone got a green painted example?

I found this one online...


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