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I realise this is a little off-topic (unless you include dealing with fallout from nuclear bombs) but I am hoping someone with Army connections might be able to help. I bought a 1960s geiger counter at Farnham on Sunday. It requires four batteries:

Two standard 1.5 volt D cells - no problem;
a 9 volt battery, Army cat. no. Y3/6135-99-910-1101 (a standard PP3 battery won't fit);
a 30 volt battery, Army cat. no. Y3/6135-99-910-1163.

Before I start trying to bodge something up, can I ask if it actually possible to obtain these last two batteries?


Hi Tony
The 9volt battery i wonder if its a PP7 ? its a square case
No, a pp7 is too big. But I did discover that a standard pp3 with the outside casing removed would work. This is just a stack of six 1.5 volt cells with positive at one end and negative at the other end. Also Maplins do the 30-volt battery. Anyway I believe I have got the thing working, but it appears to be too insensitive to respond to the only radioactive materials I have: a gas lantern mantle and a Soviet compass with luminous markings.


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