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Bd.Z 42a


Mariusz Loslau

Anybody have some info abaut this German base fuze? Drawings or something?
We find some strange and unknown german 4cm AP projectiles (Possible navy) with this fuze.



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Hi Loslau!

It was used in the Spgr. L'Spur. Zerl. 4cm Navy shells.
This fuze has got a self destruction element, through the tracer.
I don't have a picture about this fuze.

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There's a Lot of wrong info on the forum. When I am writing postings I have to be carefull about the info from books as well as the internet I use to write my posting. It has caused me some embaressment in the past !!
Lower in the list under 3,7cm shells it is correctly noted. It should however be removed from the 4 cm as far as I know.

regards DJh
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Pzgr40 ; fuze looks the same - but projectile not.
This AP projectiles what we find in Poland was 4cm not 3,7cm and was without ballistic cup, and with only one drawing band (FES).

Here this projectile, and packing from inside. All find with 40 x 311 case's.



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Hi Mariusz, that would simply mean you came across an up till now unknown and/or undescribed type of 4 cm APHE shell. Very interesting. If they happen to find lots of them, please keep one for me. I'll make it end up as a forum cutaway model.
Regards DJH