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BDZ f 8.8 cm PzGr


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Hi everybody,
I'm looking for documentation (pictures, technical drawings, cutaways,...) about the BDZ f 8.8 cm PzGr, large and small cavity.
Can somebody help me ? Thanks.

Some pictures found on internet


  • 08-02-000-01%20Bd.Z.%20f.%208,8cm%20Pzgr.jpg
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  • DSC04833.JPG
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  • DSC04834.JPG
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Here are the 2 versions small and big from the book from Forum member Mr Fuze.


  • Znder 233.jpg
    Znder 233.jpg
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  • Znder 234.jpg
    Znder 234.jpg
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  • Znder 281.jpg
    Znder 281.jpg
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  • Znder 282.jpg
    Znder 282.jpg
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Thanks to you, Pscal, Madbomber and Pzgr,
Sorry for late thanking, but you know what it is,..... Holidays!!!

Very difficult to say it : I save and sort all kind of ordnance pictures I found on Internet, (from this forum, and a lot of search I do in all over Internet) but I don't save where they are come from.