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Blue codd


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I'm putting these photos on the forum in the hope there are some bottle collectors out there who can help out.
Like many collectors I strayed briefly from shells many years ago and briefly got into bottle collecting (mmmmmm..........sorry!!!!!!!!) anyway, I got rid of most of the bottle collection except a few codd bottles.
This ones one of the elusive dark blue codds.
Its old (its not one of the new repro ones), has been tumbled to clean it and had a bad neck crack but other than that its all there.
The problem is where's it from, when was it made etc.
The writing on the front says:

"John Johnson

The writing on the back says:

"Codd's Patent
Barnett & Foster

Has anyone any info on it please?


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It's from Western Australia.

Hiram Codd's patents expired in 1884 / 1885 so dates after then.

Barnett & Foster were only agents rather than actual bottle manufacturers so it would have been made by a UK glassworks for an order placed by B&F

The marble chamber looks to have been reattached (either its own or one from another broken example) after the bottle was broken at the neck pinch. Lip looks like it might have ground down to remove chips as well.

Here's my rather tatty Emmerson / Newcastle example....

Nice Cobalt Cod thanks for showing it, its a RARE find.
Thanks for the additional information, interesting.
You guys are going to hate me,but when we were kids we found an old chalk quarry pit that had been re-used as a local dump...the result was that hundreds of codd bottles ended up being smashed to get the glass stopper out to use as marbles!
Have since been back to said dump after growing up and learnt the errors of my way and recoverd three complete bottles,no blue ones I'm afraid but smaller version with a blue stopper ball in it.
A 'the Niagara bottle' by Barnett & foster also and used by Wilfred Andrews,St Swithuns mineral water works Winchester


The Japanese used these types of bottles in Tokyo up till at least 1992 and I have a couple in my mess, err... collection at home in KY. I'll be back there in two weeks and I'll post examples. Cheers, Bruce.
I bought one with the glass ball-stopper in Japan in 2009.
As a kid i collected cod bottles, Sittingbourne was where all the Victorian rubbish was dumped for brick making, Sold them all when i started collecting grenades.... very nice ones shown here,,,,,, Dave