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It often crosses my mind when posting to these forums,that anyone foolish enough to read my meandering contributions cannot see my long,grey beard and the trembling digit painfully poking each individual key.
I do,sometimes,wonder if there are other members like me in the twilight of their years.All of my family members,including"her indoors"view my ammunition collecting as a mild (possibly) harmless form of insanity,and a sure sign that I'm starting to lose the plot altogether.
It occupies my mind though.and from time to time I summon hidden reserves of energy and amble round car boot sales and antique markets etc,so I get fresh air as well.
Although,most of the time I must confess to being a strictly armchair collector,and a really active day for me simply means that the prunejuice
is working better than normal!!!!!
Well it Depends ~ I'm not wearing them yet---

I think I was considered "Madd" long before this most recent bout !

we are misunderstood really ~:tinysmile_cry_t2:

and seldom appreciated for the joy we bring , to others of the same ilk.
collecting bug.

If the collecting bug is insanity then I have always been MAD !

So I guess it is a case of "welcome to the club".