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Bone headed question 2 pdr shell case

Hi Guys, You might as well call me the British shell case virgin. Until I got one in the mail a few weeks ago I had no idea on the size of the 6 pounder shell case, then came a 13 pounder (I just love how the British mark the hell out of their headstamps ((legibility and all)). Anyway I think a 1 pounder is the 37mm similar case. What I am after are the dimensions of the 2 pounder case (especially width). I think I want a 2 pounder casing but would like to know sizing first. I know most other country shelll case sizes but have yet much to learn on the British casings. When you finish laughing about this couls someone please help me here..Dano
1 Pdr. is 37mm , 1 1/4 Pdr. is 37mm, 1 1/2 Pdr is 37mm

2 Pdr. is 40mm

3 Pdr. is 47mm

6 Pdr. is 57mm

after this it goes wild --- lengths vary .

when you receive all of those discs I'm sending it will help or just drive you mad - (er)

Thanks Gordon, Information is more appreciated than you know, wasn't sure if I wanted a 2pdr casing, now I know I do, the British casings are just so cool. thanks again..Dano

No probs on asking any question matey. :) i mean jeeezus,i been here from near enough the start and still ask all sorts of stuff! lol
Im glad you got sorted .


FYI, there are 2 common types of 2 Pdr cases. You posted the photo yesterday of the AAA gun case.

There is also a 2 Pdr antitank gun case, and there are a number of threads about it, some showing the ammo, on this site. There are also some photos on Tony's website.
More on 2 pounders.

Dano in addition to the common 2 pounder rounds that John mentions there are a few odd ones:

2 pounder S gun round (left in photo)
2 pounder Mk 5 aircraft gun round (shown second from left in photo)
2 pounder HV pipsqueak (shown on right in photo)
2 pounder davis gun round (I've not got one but Hazord shows one in the thread about 6 pounder davis gun rounds).
.....................and then there's all the different projectiles to collect (littlejohn second from right in standard 2 pounder anti tank case is quite rare)!!



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Thanks to all

Wow, There sure lots of different 2 pounders out there. I would like to thank everyone for all the information as all was very helpful. Dano