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Booby trap switches - legal?


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Are items such as trip wire detonated booby trap switches legal to own as long as you have no live detonators with them? I have seen some for sale at a good price and was wondering this before I bought them.

Hi Falcon
Currently thre is no law stopping you owning these switches in the UK , however you may have problems having them posted from abroad.
It is advisable before purchase to make sure with the vendor that all the internal springs are with them , often these have been taken out to render them inert.
Thanks. I actually already had them, I just wanted to check before I went and posted photos of anything dodgy. I paid 20 for the 6 at the car boot this morning, and I got a tin for three red 1" Very Flares thrown in (the switches were in there). These are outside my field, I bought them for someone who I know wants them (not on this forum). I'll post a photo in another thread as I would like some more info.