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British 3.7 inch AA gun fuzes

I have a query relating to British 3.7 inch anti-aircraft gun sites which I believe may concern the fuzing options for the shells.

An extant 3.7 inch gun position has seven ready use ammuntion compartments around the periphery. The compartments may have had shelves (now missing) providing two layers on ammo.

Stencilled on the back wall of some compartments are various legends including:


One compartment has a vertical white line dividing the box into two. An arrow pointing left is stencilled and the letters:


and an arrow pointing right with the letters:


Another compartment is stencilled with a word but the first few letters are illegible but the word ends in .....EES.

Bearing in mind that the position in question was WW2 but probably used Cold War also and that from 1944 the proximity fuze was in use, can anyone hazard an interpretation of the legends?