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British Military Vehicles


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Hear are two more of my restored MVs which i now no longer
own but had much fun with them and doing the full restorations.

Having an airing at beltring is my 1941 Ariel Wng 350 single.

and my 1942 Fordson WoT 8 30 Cwt with the GS body.

This truck was made purely for towing the 17pdr Anti tank gun
and would hold a gun crew and full load of shells.

The truck was left at Tobruk in 1942 when the British retreated.
It was disabled and left at the dockside for a long time,until we
recaptured the port.

When the cargo ships were unloaded the truck was put into a cargo
hold to be used as ballast weights for outgoing ships.

This is the only road worthy example left out of 2495 built at Dagenham


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